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Integrity: To whom does it matter? Default Thumbnail

Integrity: To whom does it matter?

On Fat Tuesday, I gave a talk titled, “Business as a Force for Good.” A gentleman from the back haltingly raised a question, “What would you do when all your […]

Fearfully and wonderfully made Default Thumbnail

Fearfully and wonderfully made

One of the most common fears my patients have expressed over the years is getting Alzheimer’s disease. I watched my own mother steadily deteriorate for 10 years until she no […]

St. Joseph, model of a good and holy family man Default Thumbnail

St. Joseph, model of a good and holy family man

A river. A road. A county. A hospital, bank and parishes, too: a medical system, a valley, parks and many schools. All of these places, organizations and businesses are named […]

On the need for moderation, even in learning Default Thumbnail

On the need for moderation, even in learning

A while back in the Community in Mission blog found at, I reflected on the puzzling truth that we can endure more pain than pleasure. We seem to be […]

Thank goodness it’s Friday Default Thumbnail

Thank goodness it’s Friday

In the U.S., Fridays are marked by festivity, feasting, partying and partaking in every physical comfort the Western world has to offer. No other day of the week has a […]

The inconveniently necessary Lent Default Thumbnail

The inconveniently necessary Lent

I don’t like Lent. I don’t like the color. I’m much more a green-and-white than a purple-and-gray type of gal. I don’t like the music. Everything is in a minor […]

Women and men: the odds Default Thumbnail

Women and men: the odds

When we first began having grandchildren, they were roughly evenly divided between boys and girls. But the past 14 in a row have been girls. What are the odds? In […]

Driving with God Default Thumbnail

Driving with God

This morning, I was taking my high school freshman to school. Halfway there, coming toward us, was an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and sirens blaring. We were stopped at […]

Why we should care about the beloved Amazon Default Thumbnail

Why we should care about the beloved Amazon

Pope Francis can be stubborn. If Americans are unlikely to care about Ukraine, as our secretary of state reportedly suggested recently, what is the likelihood American Catholics will care about […]

Auschwitz and ‘intrinsic evil’ Default Thumbnail

Auschwitz and ‘intrinsic evil’

Seventy-five years ago, on Jan. 27, 1945, the infantrymen of the Red Army’s 322nd Rifle Division were bludgeoning their way into the Third Reich when they discovered the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination […]

Christian girls and abortion Default Thumbnail

Christian girls and abortion

When Mother Teresa visited New Bedford, Massachusetts, in June 1995, she told those of us gathered at St. Lawrence Martyr Church: “Abortion is the greatest evil of today.” Never one […]

What I learned on the pond: Reckoning with winter Default Thumbnail

What I learned on the pond: Reckoning with winter

The snow has begun. It is expected to last 18 hours, piling 9 inches high and crippling weekend plans. The streets are emptying, the collective dash to the grocery store […]