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No baby, but still giving thanks Default Thumbnail

No baby, but still giving thanks

Even before she was married, Emily Stimpson Chapman asked for baby prayers. “I’d be in an antique store buying little trinkets for the wedding decorations, and I would be asking […]

A challenge in Vancouver Default Thumbnail

A challenge in Vancouver

Outside Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, Canada, is an unusual statue. It sits just outside the entrance to the church. If you are walking into the church, you approach it […]

Which reformation? What reform? Default Thumbnail

Which reformation? What reform?

Despite the formulation you heard before and after the Oct. 31 quincentenary of Luther’s 95 theses, there was no single “Reformation” to which the Catholic “Counter-Reformation” was the similarly univocal […]

Harvey Weinstein’s not alone Default Thumbnail

Harvey Weinstein’s not alone

Harvey Weinstein is a pig. It’s not language I would normally use in a column, but the cascade of revelations about his treatment of women and men, most particularly his […]

Human formation: A fraternity, not a frat Default Thumbnail

Human formation: A fraternity, not a frat

Human formation, one of the four dimensions of seminary life and the foundation for the other three, speaks to the reality that, within the seminary, we live as men in […]

How one young activist thinks about social justice Default Thumbnail

How one young activist thinks about social justice

By Jeanne Marie Hathway As a college student, I spend much of my time deliberating the great questions of our day, not least among them: the limp salad or the pizza? […]

George Weigel’s ‘Lessons in Hope’ Default Thumbnail

George Weigel’s ‘Lessons in Hope’

George Weigel’s latest book, “Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II,” is the third panel in a great triptych he has composed in honor of the most […]

Making and renewing vows Default Thumbnail

Making and renewing vows

Last week a friend invited my wife and me to join her in celebrating the 50th anniversary of her perpetual vows. It was a simple but moving ceremony. There was […]

When is it a sin to make a referral? Default Thumbnail

When is it a sin to make a referral?

During World War II, if a contractor had been asked to construct a building knowing that it would serve as a gas chamber in Auschwitz, it goes without saying that […]

A different type of storm Default Thumbnail

A different type of storm

For over 20 years I had the pleasure of taking care of a particular gentleman. He had a severe cardiomyopathy, which means that his main pumping chamber, the left ventricle, […]

An education for kindness Default Thumbnail

An education for kindness

Like many, I enjoyed watching the video clips of Prince George starting school. I am taken, though, with the choice of school by his parents, one that departs from prior […]

The hollow man Default Thumbnail

The hollow man

What savagery lies in the breast of man? Two recent television epics ask us to contemplate this question. The first is Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s magnificent documentary, “The Vietnam […]