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Promethean medical temptations Default Thumbnail

Promethean medical temptations

Superheroes attract us. From Greek gods to Superman and Spiderman, our fascination with the awesome deeds of superheroes beckons us to become masters of our own destiny. Yet even as […]

Affirming and celebrating ‘Humanae Vitae’ Default Thumbnail

Affirming and celebrating ‘Humanae Vitae’

July 25 was the 50th anniversary of “Humanae Vitae,” Blessed Paul VI’s encyclical on the integrity of love and the appropriate means of family planning. Issued during the cultural meltdown […]

Celebrating our technicolor glory Default Thumbnail

Celebrating our technicolor glory

My wife and I moved from the Midwest to the East Coast a few years ago. There was a predictable amount of culture shock for both of us in leaving […]

A great life and a good death Default Thumbnail

A great life and a good death

On June 20, a great woman by the name of Josephine entered the kingdom of God. I had the honor of knowing her for 45 years. She was the mother […]

The inspiration of St. Mother Theodore Guerin Default Thumbnail

The inspiration of St. Mother Theodore Guerin

The following is the homily given by Bishop Rhoades at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods on July 22, at the end of the Diocesan Heritage Pilgrimage: I have wanted to come here to […]

The smoke over medical marijuana Default Thumbnail

The smoke over medical marijuana

A comprehensive 2015 scientific review found medical marijuana to be useful only for a small number of medical conditions. Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an international team of […]

A move toward mentoring Default Thumbnail

A move toward mentoring

Every so often, a new catchphrase will take hold in Church circles, signaling a change of course in catechetical method or missionary outreach. Phrases like “forming intentional disciples” and “ministry […]

Navigating the stresses of life Default Thumbnail

Navigating the stresses of life

A trick to staying positive and relaxed each day amidst life’s stressors is to build yourself a little mental “ponder box.” Imagine a cardboard box that you might buy at […]

Look to the past to build the future Default Thumbnail

Look to the past to build the future

The numbers don’t look good for the U.S. Postal Service. Last year it reported its sixth straight annual operating loss, in the amount of $2.7 billion. During fiscal year 2017, […]

Men, keep the ball in play Default Thumbnail

Men, keep the ball in play

Have you ever been in conflict and not known what to do? Some men like a fight, some avoid it at all costs. Too many of us drop the ball […]

The Weight Loss Diet for 2018 Default Thumbnail

The Weight Loss Diet for 2018

Although for me medical school was decades ago, I remember well what was taught about nutrition — nothing. In my early years as a physician I was often embarrassed by […]

Finding refreshment Default Thumbnail

Finding refreshment

Many Catholic women try very hard to be Proverbs 31 wives and mothers. It’s an excellent goal, but frankly sometimes it can be exhausting. Are we doing enough? Are our […]