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The Joyful Season of Lent

Welcome to the joyful season of Lent! Now, I suspect that you have never thought of Lent as a time of joy, and no wonder. It seems more like a […]

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Patrons and Friends

There’s a standard plot device in romantic comedies called a “meet cute,” wherein two people who will eventually become a couple first meet, usually under unusual, humorous, or otherwise cute […]

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A New Year’s Habit

As one does at this time of year, I opened a new 2023 calendar and started flipping through the months to mark a few upcoming events. In the process, I […]

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Happy New Year!

I know what you may be thinking: they’re running this column a month too early. But it’s true: we’ve actually already begun the new year, liturgically speaking. The Church’s year […]

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Joyful Saints

To an extrovert like myself, being part of a joyful crowd is a foretaste of heaven. A crowd of happy people generates even more laughter and joy, much like a […]

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How to Navigate the Use of Humor in the Church

Earlier this summer, I was invited to present at the Catholic Media Conference, speaking to journalists and editors about “using humor and joy in writing and publications.” As I told […]