June 30, 2010 // Local

Newly ordained Father Andrew Budzinski celebrates Mass of thanksgiving

By Diane Freeby

Father Andrew Budzinski, who celebrated his first Mass at Holy Family Parish in South Bend on June 27, is joined at the altar by Msgr. William Schooler, Deacons Matthew and Terrance Coonan and Msgr. Bernard Galic.

SOUTH BEND — Newly-ordained Father Andrew Budzinski celebrated his first Mass in his home parish of Holy Family on Sunday, June 27, at 3 p.m. with family and friends.

Before Father Budzinski gave the final blessing at this joyous Mass of thanksgiving, he thanked everyone for the beautiful worship given to God. After thanking the choir and the cantor, he paid tribute to Msgr. Bernard Galic who, after 24 years as pastor at Holy Family, has been reassigned to St. Aloysius Parish in Yoder. Father Budzinski thanked Msgr. Galic for being his spiritual father for the past quarter of a century, and listed the many accomplishments Holy Family has seen under Msgr. Galic’s leadership, including the expansion of the school, construction of the new church building and elimination of the parish debt.

“Plus, you have helped shepherd two priestly vocations from this parish,” Father Budzinski said, referring to himself and to Father Andrew Curry, who was ordained two years ago. “Msgr. Galic, I want to thank you for the many blessings that you have given to me personally, and on behalf of all the people here at Holy Family, all that you have done for us as our spiritual father.”

Father Budzinski also introduced three of his classmates from the Pontifical College Josephinum who traveled to Indiana to celebrate his ordination.

“We’ve been in school together for the last six years, and we will be priests together forever!” he said, eliciting an enthusiastic round of applause.

In a touching moment, Father Budzinski presented holy keepsakes to his family. As the new priest held up a purificator, he explained that the white cloth was used to cleanse his hands after they were anointed with chrism oil during his ordination.

“It’s tradition in the Church that you give that purificator to your mother, but as you know my mother is hopefully praying for all of us now in heaven, so I would like to give this to my godfather, who is also my brother,” Father Budzinski said.

Father Budzinski then held up the stole he wore when he heard his first confession and presented it to his father, Eugene. The two Miraculous Medals he wore during ordination were given to his sister-in-law, Angela, and his niece and goddaughter, Tori Budzinski.

“The tradition is,” explained Father Budzinski, “when the parents of priests end their earthy life, these items which have been given to them — the stole, the purificator — are placed in their hands and buried with them. When they appear before St. Peter and he asks, ‘What have you accomplished?’ — they say, ‘I gave you a priest!’”
Before giving his final blessing, Father Budzinski reflected on what seminary classmate Father Curry shared at his ordination.

“All of us take something from this Mass which opens us up to the Kingdom of Heaven. We’ve been fed the Body and Blood of Christ. We have heard the Word of God. And so I’m so grateful that all of you could be here to share in this Eucharistic feast, and I look forward to sharing it with you again in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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