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Holy Cross College grows by leasing old Saint Joseph High School property

NOTRE DAME — Holy Cross College will enter into a long-term lease with the University of Notre Dame to use and manage the building formerly occupied by Saint Joseph High School at the corner of S.R. 933 N. and Angela Boulevard, college President and Holy Cross Brother John Paige announced today.

Holy Cross College already owns the athletic fields surrounding the old high school building between S.R. 933 and the St. Joseph River, and a majority of the land north of Angela Boulevard up to Holy Cross Village, but has increasingly needed additional space to accommodate its growing academic programs and student body.

“The addition of this property to our campus brings us closer to our vision of providing expanded access and opportunity for education in the tri-campus community at Notre Dame, Indiana,” Brother Paige said. “Since we became a four-year college in 2003, Holy Cross has grown by developing win-win partnerships with our tri-campus neighbors of Saint Mary’s College and the University of Notre Dame. This long-term lease with Notre Dame is a great example of that.”

In particular, thanks to a thriving art program and new science programs in chemistry, biology, and pre-engineering, Holy Cross College has an immediate need for art studios and science labs. “It really makes sense that we would expand the size of our campus footprint to include the old Saint Joseph property,” Brother Paige said. “The smaller building on the south edge of the property already has labs, offices, and classrooms. With some remodeling and updates, it will be ready for our students by August.”

“We look forward to working with Holy Cross College on this initiative,” said John Affleck-Graves, Notre Dame’s executive vice president. “Holy Cross is an important member of the community, and we’re pleased that this property — which served Saint Joseph High School so well for more than 50 years — will continue to be a place for outstanding educational opportunities.”

Due to the age and disrepair of the building, and asbestos in parts of it, most of the old high school will be razed for student and faculty safety. Over the summer, Notre Dame will be in charge of demolition and reconstruction on the property prior to formally turning it over to Holy Cross College in August. R&R Excavating is responsible for the coordination of the abatement work, and ultimately, the demolition of the building. Pepper Environmental Technologies and Valor Technologies are handling the removal of asbestos and other hazardous material. Demolition work is scheduled to begin June 1 and should be completed by mid-August.

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