April 25, 2023 // Diocese

A Taste of Heaven in a Eucharistic Concert in Granger

On Sunday, April 23, more than 200 faithful sat at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Granger nearly stunned by the “Eucharistic Revival and Easter Sacred Music Concert” performed by the St. Pius X Choir and Orchestra and the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir. There were dozens of joyful comments heard from impressed people — all reflecting upon their heavenly experience of angelic carol and canon, which expressed the eternal beauty of the Holy Eucharistic.

St. Pius X Music Director Jeremy Hoy, along with his assistant, Beth Habas, stated that it took about 80 hours of preparation for the 75 members in the choirs and orchestra. This was in addition to the preparation of the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir directed by Dr. Andrew McShane.

Attendees of the Eucharistic Revival and Easter Sacred Music Concert at St. Pius X Parish stand and follow along with the program. — Photos by Phil Niswonger

Bishop Rhoades in his written comments, and Monsignor William Schooler, Pastor of St. Pius X, wished the assembled to experience the Eucharistic Lord, Jesus, in this sacred music of worship. And indeed, they did via 23 deep theological oratorios both ancient and contemporary, including “Pange Lingua,” “Tantum Ergo,” “Hail, True Body,” “I am the Bread of Life,” and “Taste the Joys of Paradise” that were raised to the impressive fullness of the Gospel’s Eucharist, beyond what most had ever heard.

The hope in doing the concert was that people may no longer be silent but will speak of and seek Jesus’ Body and Blood so that they too will be resurrected in their body and blood.

The Notre Dame Liturgical Choir performs in the Eucharistic Revival and Easter Sacred Music Concert on Sunday, April 23, from the loft at St. Pius X Parish in Granger.

Especially appreciated were soloist Madeline Murphy, who angelically sang ‘Panis Angelicus” (Bread of Angels); guest composer and soloist Francesca LaRosa, who beautifully sang “Anima Christi”; and composer and soloist Sherrie Hoy, who rejoiced in singing with her choir “The Joys of Paradise,” which was specially written for the dedication of St. Pius X Church in 2017. St. Pius X Choir and Orchestra with timpani also majestically presented Beethoven’s “Hallelujah.”

The St. Pius X Choir performs in the Eucharistic Revival and Easter Sacred Music Concert.

The faithful in attendance gave the musicians two standing ovations, yet the aura lingered long afterward as revealed by many reflections. Father Arthur Ssembajja, Pastor of St. Anthony de Padua Parish in South Bend, said that he was amazed by such enjoyable music. Chris Kirby, whose husband, Rick, is in the St. Pius X Choir, said that the concert drew her more into the meaning of the Eucharist. Greg Danner, also of St. Pius X said that it was most beautiful. Karen Orlowski of Holy Family Catholic Church in South Bend expressed it profoundly that the concert was simply a “foretaste of Heaven” and that she could envision angels coming down the aisles rejoicing. Marti Skrzeszewski of St. Pius X most cheerfully agreed. Many who attended said they are most thankful that they now have dramatically “tasted” Paradise in sacred music and will ever desire Paradise in love and charity.

The concert was recorded and will be available soon to be joyfully shared.

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