Lisa Kochanowski
Assistant Editor/Reporter
October 13, 2023 // FEATURE

Unique Beginning Inspires Principal’s Journey in Education

Lisa Kochanowski
Assistant Editor/Reporter

Lindsay Jeffress

Time working as a detention officer in a juvenile detention center in Lake County, Indiana, inspired Lindsay Jeffress’ journey that would cause young people to feel known, loved, and served by the academic world.

“Through my interactions with at-risk youth, I decided that I wanted to move forward with a career in education in hopes that I could be a positive role model for students,” said Jeffress, who is in her first year as principal at Christ the King School in South Bend. “All of my experiences in the education world have solidified that this is my true calling.”

Before moving into administration, Jeffress spent 11 years as a classroom teacher. She earned her master’s degree from Ball State in 2020, the year in which she was hired as the assistant principal at Christ the King. Jeffress told Today’s Catholic that she wants to continue building on the school’s strong foundation, led by dedicated and caring families and a staff that always puts their students first. She wants to create a truly outstanding, faith-filled, and academic community that gives students the opportunity to thrive.

“I want my team to know that I am 100 percent committed to them, and their role is even more essential than mine,” Jeffress said. “I hope to help my team grow at all levels. I want our love for our students and school to be apparent to anyone that enters Christ the King.”

Jeffress said she wants each student to realize their value to each other and the school community.

“Every single student has a God-given purpose, and I want students to know their true potential,” she said. “I hope that they remember me 20 years from now for driving them to simply be good humans, and for the genuine relationships I built with them through their years here at Christ the King.”

Christ the King is considered a one-of-a-kind community where you feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door, Jeffress said.

“The students make us what we are. They are enthusiastic about learning and are driven by their faith. We have families that have been with us for generations. Even though I came in as an outsider, I was welcomed with open arms and have felt nothing but support since my first day, and that is what anyone who comes to us feels. That truly makes us unique.”

Jeffress said that every day for an educator is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the students.

“As an educator, you have little moments every day, which ultimately drive your passion for your job on a daily basis,” she said. “I absolutely love the fact that I am in a building where I can share my faith with my students. It is the most powerful tool to guide students in their decision-making. It is so impactful to watch students develop their own faith.”

With the school year underway, Jeffress hopes for continued success for the school community.

“I pray that all of our students benefit from all aspects of their school life,” Jeffress said. “I also pray that students and teachers feel inspired in our school to live out their faith and act as loving and bold ambassadors of the Gospel.”

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