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Responding to the call of discipleship

“Jesus’ disciples and Christian stewards recognize God as the origin of life, giver of freedom, and source of all things. We are grateful for the gifts we have received and are eager to use them to show our love for God and for one another. We look to the life and teaching of Jesus for guidance in living as Christian stewards. … Stewards of God’s gifts are not passive beneficiaries. We cooperate with God in our own redemption and in the redemption of others.” — “To Be a Christian Steward, A Summary of the U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Stewardship,” 1992.

There is a frequently quoted Scripture verse from Luke that says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.” Practical examples of this can be found everywhere: You get a promotion and larger title at your job, the more work you have to do. You are blessed with additional children, the more people you are responsible for feeding, caring for and teaching the love of God. There is another word for this kind of responsibility — stewardship. Simply, stewardship is the way that you are aware of and take care of what gifts you are given.

This is such an important concept that God even outlines it for us in the book of Genesis. Our awesome responsibility begins when God makes us in His own divine image and likeness. Then, He instructs all humankind to “have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and all living things that move on the earth.”

So, now it’s up to us to decide to answer God’s call to stewardship. In 1992, the bishops of the United States issued “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response,” a pastoral letter that address stewardship as a way of life. They made the case that there is an “essential link between being a Catholic and living a life of stewardship as an expression of the call to discipleship.”

The work of the Today’s Catholic newspaper is truly a response to the call of discipleship and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. It is the goal of Today’s Catholic to bring you the messages of Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades; to celebrate with our local parishes at special milestones; to promote the work of numerous ministries; and to keep you informed of important headlines throughout the world that have impact on the Catholic Church.

We are so fortunate that in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend all registered Catholic households receive a complimentary copy of this weekly publication. That is over 45,000 papers for each publication! Unfortunately, the cost of this ministry continues to rise with increases in postage, transportation and general costs of printing. Twice a year, Today’s Catholic encloses an envelope in the paper for a donation to the newspaper and you will find that envelope inside this week’s edition. If you have donated before, I sincerely thank you for your generosity. Even through difficult economic times, you have been supportive of our work through your financial contributions and we are so grateful.

To all of our readers, I ask you to prayerfully consider a gift to Today’s Catholic. Every single gift enables our staff to continue to share the call to discipleship through the production ofToday’s Catholic. We are thrilled to be able to produce the paper both in print and online at todayscatholicnews.org and look forward to the expansion of our reach through multiple sources. You can help us continue our work. Please enclose your gift in the envelope, or go online to donate electronically at the online giving page at www.diocesefwsb.org or click the ad at the right. While you are there, sign up to receive Today’s Catholic news through e-mail. We thank you for your generosity.

Stephanie A. Patka is the Secretariat of Communications for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and the business manager of Today’s Catholic newspaper.

Last January, an envelope was enclosed with the paper with a request for support of our mission to impact Catholics in the Diocese. Your generosity is humbling. We want to thank each and every one of you who made a financial contribution. Your name along with our thanks is listed below. Your gift helps us to evangelize throughout the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. We are most grateful.

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Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Oberle

Tom Oberley

Patricia Oberley

John O’Connell

Rita J. O’Connor

Maurice & Germaine O’Daniel

Frank Oddou

Paul Offerle

Mrs. Daniel Offerle

Rosie O’Keefe

Paul Okuly

Kathleen O’Neil

Ron & Nancy Orman

Gabor & Margaret Oross

Edith O’Rourke

Larry & Nancy Orszulak

Joseph E. Orth

Daniel F. Osberger

Stephen and Catrina O’Shaughnessey

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Osterholt

Simone Ostric

John J Overmyer

Miguel Oviedo

Richard and Joyce Pacer

John Pajakowski

Mrs. Pat Palkowski

Gladden Pappin

Sandra Paprocki

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Paragi

Rina Parish

Dale & Sally Parish

Richard & Kathleen Parrish

Marion Pasierbowicz

James Patrick

Mr. & Mrs. Trent Patterson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patterson

Gerald & Joyce Pawlak

John & Dolores Peck

James Pemberton

Maria Perez

Anthony & Gail Pesa

Barbara Peterman

Jo Pfaffenbach

Cecelia M. Pfledderer

Betty Phillips

Mr. Mark Piazza

Charles Piechocki

Mrs. Theresa Piechowiak

Margaret Pieri

Pauline Pierson

Beverly Pilarski

Ruth Pliett

Bernard Pokrzywinski

Mrs. Mildred Polletta

Salvatore & Rose Pontecorvo

Thomas Porter

Margaret Potthoff

Stephen A. Power

Joseph R. Posgai

“Mrs. Maurice T. Pozzi, Jr.”

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Pranger

Tim Price

Gisella Probst

Elsie Proctor

Lorraine Prorok

Robert & Marilyn Prue

Ruth Pyle

Marcella Pynaert

Robert Ramesh

Ofelia Ramos

Bernard J. Randall

Rodger Rang

Mrs. Mary Ann Ranly

Kathleen Ranshaw

Martha Rarick

Dorothy Rassi

Robert and Mary Rauh

Mary Rauscher

Cynthia A. Rauwerdink

Elizabeth Ray

Judith Reddin

Ronald Reece

Lawrence Reed

S.K. Reed

Dr. John E. Regan

John Reid

Mike & Judy Reifenberg

Richard Reiner

Virgil & Monica Reinig

Elisabeth Reitzug

Dorothy Remley

James & Mary Alice Rennels

Steve Rennels

Ms. Mary Renner

Art & Julie Renninger

Stephen Renz

Paul & Rosemary Reszel

Helen S. Retek

Norbert Rethlake

Ardella Reust

Sanita Rheinheimer

John & Nancy Rice

Larry G. Rich

Ruth J. Richter

Pearl Rickard

Nancy Ridenour

Phyllis Riecke

David Riehle

Ms. Pamela Righetti

Rachel M. Riley

Ann Riley

Larry and Linda Riley

Melvin & Annabel Ring

Ms. Alice Ring

Gloria Riveros

Patricia Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Robertson

Karen Robinson

Fred Roble

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rock Jr

Judith E. Roeger

Max A. Roesler

Jean Rogers

Daniel & Jan Roland

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Romary

Russell Romey

Mrs. Marlene Romie

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rondot

Mrs. Emma Jeane Roop

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rorick

John and Joan Rorick

Margaret Rosenberger

Diana Roth

Joe & Mary Kay Rowe

Jeffery & Jacki Rude

Edward Ruetz

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Rulli

Dave & Kelly Rumschlag

Bonnie Rumschlag

Mr. & Mrs. Max Rupley

David & Carolyn Ruppert

Charles & Margie Jo Russell

Sena Ruszkowski

Tim & Kathy Ryan

Blane & Diane Ryan

Marilyn Rzeszewski

Barbara Sahut

Frances Sain

Elfriede Samuel

Elizabeth Sanders

Elena Sanz-Caballero

Don Saurbeck

Larry Scalise

Thomas Scalzo

John K. Schaefer

Jeff and Mary Schafer

Lisa Schanbacher

Harriet J. Scheetz

Joseph Schenkel

John Schenkel

Mark Schenkel

Eleanor Schepper

Dale Scherman

Ms. Joan Schindel

Geraldine Schissler

Diane Schlatterbeck

Don Schlaut

Dr. & Mrs. R M Schleinkofer

Philip and Carie Schlink

Lucy Schlosser

Ronald Schmanske

Jerry Schmeltz

Ray & Barb Schmitt

William Schmitt

Jerry & Janie Schoenle

Krys Schoenle

Mary Schoenrock

Nick and Cheryl Schortgen

Mr. Donald C. Schrader

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schrumpf

Mr. & Mrs. Johh Schuhler

Steve and Lucia Schultheis

Joyce Schultz

George & Marge Schulz

Anton Schwartz

John Schweiger

Shirley Schwindaman

Gloria Costin Scott

Rose Ann Scraton

David and Mary Scudder

Bob & Cheryl Sedlmeyer

Thomas & Louise Sekel

Alan & Linda Selner

Mr. David Senesac

Phil & Laura Seng

Gina Settimi

Ms. Margaret Shane

Tim Shearer

Ms. Alice Sheehan

Joan Sheets

Mr. Eric Sheibley

Marjorie P. Shell

Susan and Steven D. Sherburne

R. Scott  & Mary M. Shifley

Kerry Shipman

Joan Shoaff

Fr. Tom Shoemaker

Pam & Bob Shook

Robert Short

Jim & Bertie Shrader

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Shuler

Timothy Shuman

Donald & Bernice Sibal

Donald Sidlowski

Mary Sigsbee

Dorothy L. Silkworth

“Victor Sima, Jr.”

Frank G. Simon

Gary & Susan Simpson

David Singleton

Diane Sinn

Ralph Sisco

Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration

Christopher Skoczylas

Phyllis Skwarcan

Richard & Barbara Slabaugh

Gynelle Slayton

Bart A. Smart

Victor Smart

A. Joanne Smith

Donald E. Smith

Doral E. & Helen Smith

Mary Smith

Michael Smith

Louise Smith

Jim and Cheryl Smith

Mary Ann and Gen Smith

Judith Smyth

Scarlet M. Sobasky

Helene J. Sobiech

Elizabeth Sonnek

Lavon C. Sorg

Raymond Sorg

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sorg

Mr. Russell Sorg

Thomas & Mary Sorg

Maxine Sorg

Bob Souder

Judith Spare

Tim and Sarah Speer

Elena Spingler

Steve & Pat Spoltman

Erna Springer

Loretta H. Spychalski

Marietta Squibb

St. Mary of the Assumption

Mr. & Mrs. William Stage

Suzanne Stalf

Donald R. Stalter

Vicki Starkweather

Lewis D. Starr

Carol Staszewski

Janet L. Staton

Chris Stayanoff

Marie Steinberger

Judie Steiner

Henrietta Steinhofer

Joseph & Mary Steininger

Angeline Steininger

Thomas M. Sternal

Thomas Sternal

Maxine Sternberger

Suzanne Stevens

Robert and Eileen Stevens

Mark Stevens

Donna Stier

Thomas Stoeckley

Daniel E. Stoffel

Mrs. Mary Stolz

Donald & Delores Storm

Sally A Strack

Joe Strittmatter

Leo & Geri Stronczek

Ted Strychalski

Ms. Betty Stuart

Mrs. David Stump

Gene & Nancy Subler

Marvin Sudhoff

Shirley Sueppel

The Sullivan Family

Rev. William T. Sullivan

Larry and Nancy Sumpter

Jane & John Surbeck

Elizabeth Suter

Anne J. Suth

Maureen Suth

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Suth

Jane and Chris Svarczkopf

Stan & Carol Swartz

Shirley Swartz

Dan and Monica Swygart

Alice Szymc

William & Kathleen Szajko

Jane Szalay

Irene Szalay

John Szobocsan

Mary Ann Szobocsan

Mary Lou Szymanski

Mr. Thomas Szymanski

Dave & Mary Szymczak

Stephanie Szynal

Frank G. Taelman

Rayola Talarico

Samuel Talarico

Aranka Talos

Mrs. Rita Tarr

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tatman

Nancy Taylor

Larry & Angela Taylor

Ms. Faye Taylor

Janice L. Taylor

William Teaque

Mrs. Joyce Teders

Duane & Joan Teders

Michael Telley

Eleanor Tengelitsch

Mrs. Georgia Tenney

Richard & Mary Ann Tepe

Michael and Terrance Henthorne

Lawrence Than

Victoria Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. David Thomas

Marty Thomas

Jackie Thornton

Mary Thul

James & Patricia Tighe

Jeanette Till

Larry and Ellen Till

Carolyn Till

Richard & Nancy Till

Kelly Tippmann

Mr. Donald Tippmann

Mary Ann Tippmann

Ed Tobey

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Tomatore

Brian Tomlinson

Vernon & Tonya Torres

David & Dors Towner

Joyce Trabel

Kirk Trabert


Joseph Tratnyek

Robert J. Trausch

Allen R Tribolet

Dorothy Trischler

Linda A. Trowbridge

Patricia A. Turk

Mary Tuttle

Patrick & Suzanne Tyler

Steve & Diane Uebelhoer

Tom & Joann Ueber

Irene Ueber

Mr. & Mrs. John Uhran Jr.

Don & Amy Urban

Richard Urbanski

Mr. Jim Vachon

Marilyn A. Vachon

Mary Ann Van Driessche

Lila Vanderbilt

Mark and Deb Vanderklok

Patricia VanNess

Wilma Veldman

Paul Verhoff

Ruth Victor

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Viglietta

Dolores Vogt

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Von Rohr

L. Vonderhaar

Linda Vore

Paul & Shirley Vorndran

Leonard Votava

Daniel A. Vought

Catherine Vroman

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Vukovits

Dr. & Mrs. James E. Wack

Jean Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wagoner

Julie Waite

Frank Walerko

Joann Walker

Mrs. Mary Ann Wall

Mary Wallen

Chris Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Day

Thomas & Diane Ward

Ron Ward

Helen Ward

Helen Ward

Sarah Ward

Virginia Warner

Donna Warnimont

Larry Wartha

Thomas Was

Pamela Washburn

Mary Ann Wasniewsky

Stan and Mary Ellen Watson

Connie Wawrzynick

John J. Weber

Marc & Karen Weber

Mr. James Weber

Loretta Weber

Zina Weidow

Robert M. Weigand

Ms. Virginia Weinley

Lorraine Weinswig

Carl & Marilyn Weisser

Jerome Welch

Alice A. Weldon

Shirley Weldon

Jerry & Beverly Welker

Melinda Wesolowski

Carl Whitaker

Charles Whitcraft

Judith Wickens

David & Jeanine Wideman

Delores Wiederholt

Arthur Wiercioch

Alberta Wilcockson

Paul & Sue Wilkinson

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Richard & Ilene Willard

Richard & Ilene Willard

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Willette

Mary Ann Williams

Robert Wikeljohn

Diane Winkeljohn

John Winnicki

Cynthia & Gregory Wirtner

John Wirtner

Dan & Kathleen Wisel

Leonard Wisowaty

Richard J. Witkowski

James Wituski

Stephen & Judy Wiwi

Julian and Halina Wlochowski

John Woenker

John P. Wojtowicz

Joseph Wojtysiak

E. Wolansky

Robert & Barbara Wood

Kay Wooding

Mary and Joe Woodka

John & Connie Worns

Dan & Maureen Wozniak

Ralph Woznicki

Ken and Carol Wroblewski

Clement & Frances Wroblewski

Rev. Timothy A. Wrozek

John & Susan Wuest

Joan Wukovits

Larry & Kimberly Wyatt

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wyatt

Andy and Pat Wyse

Theresa M. Wyss

Tom Yaggy

Rex & Julie Yant

Peggy Yarde

Teresa Yates

Matthew and Julie Yeakey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yoder

Mary York

Ronald & Sharon York

Janet Yost

Gregory Young

Mrs. Marie Zack

Mary Kay Zahm

Juan & Alicia Zapata

Ben Zilka

Maria Zimmer

Dennis & Barbara Ziolkowski

Mrs. Irene Ziolkowski

Patricia A. Zurat

Larry Duane & Susan Zurcher

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