January 14, 2024 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: January 14, 2024

Fort Wayne

Barbara A. Dawson, 86, Queen of Angels

Dorothy C. Schott, 96, Queen of Angels

Kelley Workman, 61, St. Vincent de Paul


Juan Albizures, 96, St. Mary

Ann Allred, 61, St. Mary

Sharon Allred, 82, St. Mary

Thomas Barnhisel, 87, St. Mary

Thomas Bartrom, 79, St. Mary

Fritz Bickel, 51, St. Mary

Patsy Bickel, 79, St. Mary

Amelia Broxton, 58, St. Mary

Kay Campbell, 80, St. Mary

John David Carnes, 71, St. Mary

Tami Dalton, 66, St. Mary

Martha Davis, 89, St. Mary

Carolyn DeLuca, 91, St. Mary

Margaret Dolby, 83, St. Mary

Evelyn R. Godfroy, 89, St. Mary

Kenneth Hartman, 82, St. Mary

Kenneth Hartmus, 50, St. Mary

Patricia Hay, 92, St. Mary

Vicki Hott, 61, St. Mary

Joseph Hunnicutt, 90, St. Mary

Phillip Karst, 85, St. Mary

Eldon Meitzler, 87, St. Mary

Thomas Mitchell, 72, St. Mary

John P. Overman 94, St. Mary

Lucille Prunk, 90, St. Mary

Mary Lou Rahr, 74, St. Mary

William J. Richardson, 73, St. Mary

Connie Rich, 70, St. Mary

Jacqueline Riecke, 85, St. Mary

John Roberts, 74, St. Mary

Mary Anna Rockefeller, 89,
St. Mary

Brad Scher, 60, St. Mary

Thomas E. Scher, 79, St. Mary

Carolyn Shaw, 90, St. Mary

Nancy Smart, 84, St. Mary

Abraham J. Smith, Newborn, St. Mary

Mary Lou Smith, 96, St. Mary

Jeanette Snow, 86, St. Mary

Thomas Stoffel, 91, St. Mary

Matthew Weill, 18, St. Mary

Marilyn Sue Widelski, 75, St. Mary

Mary Ann Young, 83, St. Mary

John W. Zahm, 90, St. Mary

Ruth Zahm, 78, St. Mary


Nancy Rensburger, 65, St. Monica


Thelma Hartley, 80, St. Francis Xavier

South Bend

Patricia DeVolder, 89, Christ the King

Robert Szerencse, 72, Christ the King

Francis R. Klocke, Jr., 73, Holy Family

Robert Meiszberg, 93, Holy Family

Jo Ann Kowalski, 73, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Lucy LaVine, 71, St. Adalbert

Victorio Reyes, 64, St. Adalbert

Irene Szymanski, 95, St. Adalbert


Paul Joseph Samuel, 80, St. Bernard


Harvey James Miller, 84, Sacred Heart

* St. Mary Church in Huntington recently submitted obituaries for the past two years.

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