August 8, 2021 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: August 8, 2021


Patricia Correia, 86, Immaculate Conception

Francis Dulle, 87, Immaculate Conception 


William O’Brien, 90, St. Mary of the Annunciation


Pauline M. Siefring, 89, St. Mary of the Assumption

Fort Wayne

Patty Jasinski, 85, St. Vincent de Paul

Isaac D. Jernigan, 18, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Patricia Madden, 77, St. Charles Borromeo

Mary J. Quillin, 86, St. Vincent de Paul

Gregg Rounds, 61, St. Charles Borromeo

Rosella Schaab, 96, St. Charles Borromeo

Rita Stump, 97, St. Charles Borromeo


Jennie Andrea, 93, St. Pius X

Greg Reesor, 73, St. Pius X

Ruby M. Vincent, 87, St. Pius X


Josephine Germano, 98, St. Monica

Irene Van Den Abeele, 97, St. Bavo

New Haven

Dorothy Muldoon, 87, St. Louis, Besancon

Mary E. Renier, 100, St. Louis, Besancon

South Bend

Jill Ball, 74, Holy Family

David Egan, 52, St. Jude

Hector Espinoza, 80, St. Adalbert

Maria L. Fernandez, 79, St. Adalbert

Pedro Garcia, 79, St. Adalbert

Donald E. Gilpin, 91, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Thomas Keller, 95, Holy Family

Ervin T. Zakrzewski, 82, Holy Family

Lorraine Zielinski, 90, Holy Family

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