August 5, 2018 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: August 5, 2018


Esther Corbat, 85, St. Patrick


Martha A. Monhaut, 89, St. Dominic


David F. Terveer, 93, St. Mary/Assumption


Sister Lucy Megaro, 86, Catherine Kasper Home


Goldie C. Gebhart, 74, Immac. Conception


Jane Yaggy, 71, St. Thomas the Apostle

Fort Wayne

Estrella D. Bowers, 62, St. Jude

June H. Hilker, 90, Most Precious Blood

Mary Culligan Klein, 90, St. Charles Borromeo

William Wild, Jr., 87, St. Vincent de Paul

Dorothy H. Hogan, St. Vincent de Paul

Bernice C. Zent, 92, Saint Anne Home

Betty A. Greaf, 87, St. Therese

Catherine J. Vonder Haar, 98, St. Charles Borromeo

Janet Louise Dunn, 61, St. Jude

Fred J. Knipscheer, 73, Our Lady of Good Hope

Helen Rose Smith, 74, Sacred Heart

Moises Augusto Giron, Most Precious Blood

Janet A. Leonard, 98, Saint Anne Home

Sally Ann Houlihan, 81, St. Patrick

Christobal Vasquez, 71, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

William A. Cameron, 88, St. Charles Borromeo

Dorothy Sauer, 73, St. Vincent de Paul


Richard Bubick, 76, St. Pius X


Patricia L. Brubaker, 91, St. Mary


Joseph J. Lehner, 96, Queen of Peace

Joseph R. Weinkauf, 83, St. Joseph

Michael Wilson, 52, St. Joseph

Notre Dame

Shirley P. Stenimetz, 87, Dujarie House, Our Lady of  Holy Cross Chapel

South Bend

Leo Golubski, Jr., 70, Holy Family

Florence Marie Jones, 100, St. Patrick

Mary E. McDougal, 87, St. Augustine

Maria Alejandra Navarrete, 59, St. Casimir

Bonnie L. Desits, 93, St. Therese, Little Flower

Paula M. Gonzalez, 91, St. Casimir

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