November 4, 2014 // Local

‘Pure Hearts’ text-message ministry combats impurity

By David McClow

FORT WAYNE — Very often men can feel alone in their struggle for reaching sexual purity. But there is hope. Men can find renewed strength in the face of temptations thanks to a new weapon on the journey to a pure heart.

Rekindle The Fire men’s ministry recently launched its third text-message ministry, called “Pure Hearts.” Designed to support men in living out their desire for sexual purity, inspirational and challenging texts are sent to men’s phones three times a week.

Pure Hearts is an effective purity-building tool that when teamed with regular prayer, frequent Confession and reception of the Eucharist, penances and practical steps can conform hearts and minds to Jesus. By receiving weekly Scriptural passages, saints’ quotes, and practical tips, men are better equipped to defend against the sins of pornography and other temptations to impurity.

A growing struggle

Impurity, caused largely by pornography, is a pervasive problem among Catholic men. It guts the moral strength and resolve of their prophetic office, received in baptism, to stand up to evil.

The Christian men’s organization, Promise Keepers, asked men at their 2008 conferences whether or not they had viewed pornography in the last week and 53 percent of the nearly 10,000 who responded (anonymously voted yes with their cell phones).”

There is no reason to think it is not as big a problem for Catholic men. It is also affecting Catholic high school boys and college men. In fact, in 2008, a Catholic high school in the Midwest surveyed the pornography use of 175 senior boys.

The results indicated that 48 percent were viewing pornography one or more times each week. Of the 48 percent, 36 percent had feelings of addiction to pornography, and 68 percent said that their parents were unaware of their pornography use. … The entire freshman class was surveyed, and 29 percent of the freshman boys were viewing pornography one or more times each week; 12 percent had feelings of addiction, and 74 percent said that their parents were unaware of their pornography use.

Rekindle the Fire wants to help men, teens and boys rid pornography from their lives, to live out their true masculine nature: to embrace roles as sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.

A higher calling

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades understands the rising importance of bringing the message of purity to the forefront. He summarized the effects and solutions for overcoming the struggle with pornography:

“I am grateful for the Rekindle the Fire efforts to combat the use of pornography. Its effects are harmful in so many ways: degrading to women, destruction of marriages and offensive to the Lord. It also defeats a man’s calling and cripples his ability to love. I encourage men who struggle with pornography to seek help and healing, to receive the Lord’s forgiveness and grace in Confession and to reclaim their true dignity as men through the redemptive love of Christ.”

This is why Pure Hearts is so needed — to encourage and strengthen men to turn from the temptations of impurity and to seek the face of God each and every day of their lives. Pure Hearts is a free, confidential text-message service. Sign up now by sending the text message “rtfpure” to 75309, or visit


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