December 6, 2022 // Diocese

New Northern Mishawaka-Based Ministry Serves Women Suffering a Miscarriage

When Amber Hassett found out she was pregnant this past June, she and her husband were thrilled. But their joy was quickly cut short when at her 11-week appointment, she discovered that the baby had died and that she should expect to miscarry. She and her husband had known through testing that the baby that she had been pregnant with was a girl. They decided to name her Hope.

“I left, not remembering what was said during that appointment,” said Hassett. “I went home and waited at home to miscarry. I just was Googling everything to figure out what to expect.” She had thought to herself, “there has to be a better way. I need to do something to help others going through this.”

This experience is what led her, together with her friend Kenzie Covarrubias, to start a nonprofit that provides miscarriage kits to those who are anticipating a miscarriage. Inspired by Hassett’s daughter’s name and a verse in the Bible, Colossians 1:23, which reads, “do not move from the hope held in the Gospel”, they named their new ministry Held in Hope. They decided to make and provide these kits so that other women might feel more equipped and more informed while they undergo such a difficult loss. These kits include information on what to expect during a miscarriage at home, the medical and surgical options available, and items to take care of the woman during this time, such as cozy socks, chocolate, and a mug. Covarrubias said that it was really important to be able to “get women the resources that they can look over in their own home, in their own space, and on their own time because upon diagnosis, everything has just changed in a moment.”

Hassett said, “it was really important to me that we take care of the whole person, not just the medical side of things. We are validating that yes, you were pregnant with a baby, and yes, this is a significant loss and we care about you. It’s more than just about the baby, it’s about you as well.”

Dr. Lindsey Connolly, a local OBGYN, reflected on how grateful she was for the ministry and having the ability to give these boxes to her patients. She said, “It’s such a stark difference from what we used to be able to offer. We used to give them a grocery bag with medical supplies and it seemed so undignified. It didn’t really have any appreciation for the gravity of what was happening and it just seemed so sterile. Being able to give these boxes feels like we are giving something that has a lot of information as well as some extra things for comfort. It’s trying to take what could be the worst day of their life and give them some encouragement.” She continued by saying that these boxes really help show patients that even through their miscarriage, “It does not have to be an undignified process. You can do it in a way that celebrates the life of your baby.”

Both Hassett and Covarrubias are Catholic and feel that their faith really inspired their desire to start this La Porte-based ministry. They both talked about their Catholic faith compelling them to “want more for women.” They also passionately spoke about the importance of people feeling the freedom to share about their experiences with miscarriage. Oftentimes, miscarriage can be a lonely and isolating experience and they believe that the Catholic Church has an opportunity to really minister to those suffering from the loss that comes through miscarriage.

Lauren, a mom who received a box through Held in Hope, said, “As I looked at its contents, I felt at peace with my decision to miscarry at home. My doctor was right. The box had everything I needed to pass my pregnancy, and in a way which honored this precious life which was growing inside of me just weeks before. Passing my pregnancy was the darkest day I have experienced. And nothing can lessen the pain a mother feels when losing her baby. But the resources provided by Held in Hope gave me comfort … comfort that my baby left my body in a dignified way and, comfort that another mom understood the heaviness of early pregnancy loss, and comfort that I was not alone.”

The miscarriage kits are currently available through some doctors’ offices, at the St. Joseph Hospital emergency room, and through Michiana- area Women’s Care Centers. Hassett and Covarrubias are planning to be able to have the Held in Hope kits available for purchase and shipping in the near future. For more information on how to get a box or participate in the ministry, visit their website at

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