September 17, 2015 // PODCASTS

Living a Culture of Encounter: Christ, The Ultimate Encounterist – Lewis Pearson

Theology on Tap – Fort Wayne
2015 Fall Series: Living a Culture of Encounter

Lewis Pearson, PhD
is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne.

In a culture of to-each-his-own tolerance, mediated by the buffer of technology, many shy away from face-to-face interaction. Indeed, many of us consider any kind of “encounter” as synonymous with “conflict,” and so we avoid encountering people as if we were doing favors for everyone involved. But we may be mistaking a shallow “niceness” for true civility; we may be mistaking a crippling cowardice for genuine love. And all the while, we may be blind to how our fear of encounter is hindering us from living flourishing human lives. Christ provides the ultimate example for what encounter looks like and how it leads to life in abundance. He tells us to be not afraid, but obeying that command is often difficult. Knowing how to cooperate with God’s grace in overcoming our fears would be of great help. Learn about how Jesus and encounter can transform us in the midst of our fears and frailties.


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