Christopher Lushis
Freelance Writer
March 1, 2022 // Local

Catholic social media platform aimed at helping men grow in faith

Christopher Lushis
Freelance Writer

Social media platforms provide many advantages, including greater connectivity, quicker communication and heightened awareness of local, national and global events. However, as most have observed, these platforms have the potential for bringing tremendously negative consequences as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and other sites provide spaces to post, share and like (or dislike) things that can elevate the soul or – as seems to be more often the case – work towards its destruction. 

For this reason, the Armor of God (AOG) men’s movement in Fort Wayne has developed its own social media platform entitled “Brigade.” With the feel and look of a typical social media site, it offers what others do not: a space exclusively for Catholic men to grow in holy fraternity and share resources for encountering God and deepening in virtue. Although founded by members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Fort Wayne, access to this platform is open to all men throughout the diocese and beyond.

Robert Gregory, Chairman of AOG’s Board of Directors, shared, “This movement was born in the midst of the pandemic, when men and families needed spiritual enrichment and leadership more than ever.  When churches and ministries were shut down, Armor of God arose to aid and arm men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes as God was calling them to be.”

He continued, “As momentum grew from successful bi-annual retreats and monthly spiritual briefings, a theme emerged, which was to ‘change the world.’ A catalyst that the AOG leadership team devised to do this was to create our own social media platform. In a time with so much negativity, sexualization, suppression and oppression, it made sense to create a safe space online for men to find the accountability and holy fraternity that they were seeking.”

Now during the season of Lent, it is essential to review how one’s time, energy and effort are spent – or misspent – and discern what fresh steps can be taken to purify habits, deepen in prayer and seek the Lord anew. 

Gregory emphasized: “Men should not underestimate the power of having other Catholic men to message, share content, create groups, discuss questions with and be challenged in their understanding of the Mass, Church history and the spiritual life. As we grow the number of men who make profiles this year, we will be upgrading our platform and creating new content. We really do believe this will be a powerful online vehicle for many men, who need Christ-centered community now more than ever. By following Jesus as brothers in unity, we can make an impact and change the world!”

In addition to being a digital space for lay men to post and share, the Brigade also has members of the local clergy, including the movement’s spiritual advisor, Father Jay Horning, parochial vicar at St. Vincent de Paul and Father Daniel Whelan, parochial vicar at Our Lady of Good Hope, both in Fort Wayne.

Gregory exclaimed, “We love having priests with us because it re-enforces what we are trying to create: a powerful, uplifting and authentic online platform for men to be encouraged, spiritually fed and catechized. My hope is that the laity along with the clergy come together to use what we have built to transition from the traditional negative and anti-Christian platforms to this very intentional platform designed to arm men.”

In a recent letter to his brother priests, Father Horning testified to the good fruits he has personally witnessed and received from Armor of God. He stated, “My priesthood has been impacted, because now I am being surrounded by men who can support my mission by actively living the mission with me. More men are bringing their families to Mass, confession and to parish activities. More men are praying with their children and wives at home. More men are seeking to become leaders in their places of work. It is rejuvenating my priesthood and challenging me to be a better preacher.”

Those interested in learning more about Armor of God can visit their website To sign up for a Brigade profile or to download the free app, scan the QR code below.

To witness what the Armor of God movement offers in-person, their next spiritual briefing will be held on Wednesday, March 16, at 6:45 p.m. in the Msgr. Kuzmich Life Center at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. Father J. Steele, CSC, pastor of Blessed Sacrament, Albion, and Immaculate Conception, Kendallville, will be presenting on the topic of “Arming Men on the Power of Holy Fraternity.” Men of all ages are welcome to attend.

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