John Garvey

Intellect and Virtue

John Garvey is the president of The Catholic University of America.

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Jesus walks

Any Christian who goes to Jerusalem will come away inspired by the experience of visiting a city where Jesus walked. Of course, as with all tourist sites, there is a […]

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The will of the people

Left-leaning editorial writers and news anchors have recently been warning us that public approval of the Supreme Court is dropping. They refer to polls conducted by Gallup and the Annenberg […]

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St. Junipero Serra, California’s fall guy

California’s legislature now has it in for St. Junípero Serra, who has long been considered the founding father of the Golden State. Authorities let an angry mob tear down the […]

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Risky businesses

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report recently whose alarming rhetoric about carbon dioxide emissions — “code red for humanity” — got me thinking again about nuclear […]

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Who’s your Daddy?

In Plato’s “Republic,” Socrates discusses a society in which the state arranges marriages among its best citizens and assigns their offspring to nurses chosen for the job, “employing every device […]

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‘Holy God, We Praise Thy Name’

Every 12 months or so, I’ll remind my wife that I would like the recessional at my funeral to be “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.” I mentioned this to […]

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Parenting a whole different ballgame

The highlight of my Little League career was a two-hitter I threw against the Knights of Columbus, the class of our league in Sharon, Pennsylvania. My team was sponsored by […]

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Making memories

I saw an ad on television recently that encouraged the observer to start “making memories” with the device on offer, probably a phone of some kind. My iPhone has, under its […]

The filibuster bolsters stability Default Thumbnail

The filibuster bolsters stability

The United States Senate is a unique institution. Other legislative bodies lack its peculiar rules, which require a supermajority vote to get most things done. In the Senate, a voting […]

The resurrection of the body Default Thumbnail

The resurrection of the body

Our students are back on campus, and it has been a breath of fresh air. We asked them to quarantine for the first two weeks of the semester, since they […]

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Vox populi: The voice of the people

Francis Galton was a Victorian scientist with an interest in social Darwinism. It may have been his views on breeding that moved him to attend the West of England Fat […]

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A still small voice

This week, I took the train from Washington to New York. It was spooky. Union Station in Washington, usually bustling at 6:30 in the morning, was deserted. A man in […]