Lisa Kochanowski
Assistant Editor/Reporter
July 5, 2023 // Bishop

2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal Finds Success

Lisa Kochanowski
Assistant Editor/Reporter

The Eucharist is what gives us life. More than just a symbol, it is a visual presence of the Lord. It is the theme of The Eucharist — The Sacrament of Charity that inspired the faithful of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend to generously donate to the 2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal and meet the financial goal of $5,125,464.

According to Jeffery Boetticher, Secretary of Stewardship and Development with the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, 79 of 83 parishes met their assigned goal and overages returning to parishes this year is more than $1.5 million.

“As of today, $6,619,473.65 has been pledged. Some individuals have set up payments that will continue through December of 2023,” noted Boetticher.

Each year, the diocese holds an Annual Bishop’s Appeal, a yearly fundraising campaign supporting ministries and programs around the area. Parishes throughout the diocese use appeal overages to fund building projects, facility improvements, fund new initiatives, or use monies for a major project. The success of the Annual Bishop’s Appeal means success for the diocese and for local parishes.

Examples of areas where funds from the Annual Bishop’s Appeal are used include high school subsidies, seminarian education, communications, the Tribunal, priest retirement, the Catholic Schools Office, Catholic Charities, grants to parishes and agencies, pastoral ministry and catechesis, Hispanic Ministry, and youth ministry.

Although many in the country are feeling the effects of inflation, the 2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal has finished strongly with no impingement.

“Inflation does not seem to have impacted giving, as evidenced by both the total monies pledged and the total number of donors increasing from last year to this year. I would like to believe that even though the expenses of everyday living are growing for our families, thankfully, so too is the priority of supporting the diocese, parish, and the work of the Church,” said Boetticher.

According to Boetticher, as the 2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal concludes, donors should continue to fulfill their pledges if applicable and any new gifts should be shared in the next appeal, which will kick off at the lake (summer) parishes in July and within the majority of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in September.

To learn more about the Annual Bishop’s Appeal, see expenditures, and get a complete financial report, visit

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