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Valedictorian Abram Beard

Heritage Jr./Sr. High School: Monroeville

Catholic school or public school? The choices one makes in life sometimes bring unexpected outcomes, as did one made by Heritage Jr./Sr. High School valedictorian Abram Beard.

“When I decided to attend a public school, I was nervous that I might lose touch with my faith to some degree. To my delight, it was quite the opposite. Without having the conventional religion classes I was accustomed to, I decided to learn on my own time,” said Abram, explaining further what he meant. “By holding myself accountable for my faith, I was able to truly grow as an individual. My faith has allowed me to become a person who is confident, generous and willing to make a difference. Furthermore, my high school did not prevent me from spreading these beliefs; I was encouraged to share what I believed. My faith was strengthened because I was able to spread God’s love to everyone I met. It feels amazing when I can share my faith with others and give them that same sense of belonging,” he said.

Abram also took part in various clubs while at Heritage. “I was honored to be named a captain of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a program that was brought to Heritage my sophomore year.” He served as a volunteer for Cornerstone Youth Center and Pack Away Hunger, where he and his family packaged meals for struggling families throughout the community.

He played sports as well. “Basketball has always been one of my favorite ways to give praise. Every day at practice and in games, I tried to do my best and put my heart on the line for God and my team,” he said. He was chosen to be a captain of the varsity basketball team for three years.

Other outside interests include spending time with family, swimming and teaching. “I’m interested in mathematics, chemistry, helping others and making a difference in the world.”

His most treasured high school memory is taking part in a Special Olympics basketball game. “In this game, students in grades 9-12 were able to form basketball teams that included two or three disabled individuals. The look on the faces of the special needs players was something that I will never forget. It felt amazing to see their pure excitement and joy. The best part was no one stood out; they felt like they were genuinely a part of the team,” said Abram.

He plans to attend Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he will major in chemistry with the intent to go to medical school and become a pediatrician.

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