October 28, 2018 // Diocese

Rest in Peace: October 28, 2018


Mary Schrader, 80, Immaculate Conception


David A. Bowers, 61, St. Mary of the Assumption

Eugene A. Braun, 91, St. Mary of the Assumption

Fort Wayne

Teresa M. Glosson, 91, St. John the Baptist

Richard L. Arend, 87, St. John the Baptist

Dorothy May Brown, St. Jude

Judith Holzinger, St. Vincent de Paul

Valeria I. Ripley, 90, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Ferome K. Castillo, 63, St. Therese

Charlene Ann Pettit-Didier, 91, St. Vincent de Paul


Mario A. Alvizures, 63, St. Mary

Norma L. Durbin, 88, SS. Peter and Paul


Josephine Blackwood, 86, Immaculate Conception

New Haven

Donald A. Minick, St. John the Baptist

Notre Dame

Mary Freel, 91, Our Lady of Holy Cross Chapel


Joseph H. Schuhler, 91, St. Aloyisus

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