November 27, 2022 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: November 27, 2022


Mary L. Summers, 83, St. Mary of the Annunciation

Fort Wayne

Kimberly Auld, 64, St. Jude

Lorayne Beamsley, 99, St. Vincent de Paul

Donald Leffers, 93, St. Vincent de Paul

Edward Trabel, 93, St. Vincent de Paul


Gilbert Martin, 69, Queen of Peace

Alfred Hoerstman, 92, St. Bavo

Thomas Burkart, 79, St. Joseph

Elsie Doyle, 93, St. Joseph

Jean Flowers, 87, St. Joseph

Patricia Haley, 91, St. Joseph

Helen Ivancsics, 96, St. Joseph

James McCaffery, 93, St. Joseph

David Schmitt, 84, St. Joseph

Marilyn Schmitt, 79, St. Joseph

Wanetta VerHamme, 93, St. Joseph

South Bend

Paul Becker, 82, Christ the King

Phillip Michael Hanslits, 36, Holy Family

John Stanley Kujawa, 99, Holy Family

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