June 16, 2024 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: June 16, 2024

Fort Wayne

Marian Jacquay, 100, Queen of Angels

Jerry Stephens, 74, St. Vincent de Paul

Joseph Vickery, 76, St. Vincent de Paul


Diane Corbett, 91, St. Pius X

Theresa Miller, 98, St. Pius X

James Mungovan, 76, St. Pius X


Jim L. Dinius, 90, SS. Peter and Paul

New Haven

George Mizer, 91, St. John the Baptist

Billie Joe Winters, 84, St. John the Baptist

South Bend

Jerry Miller, 90, Cathedral of St. Matthew

Marilyn Toepp, 91, Cathedral of St. Matthew

Cindy McKee, 65, St. Adalbert

Halina Hoffman, 72, St. Joseph


Alice Lucille Moore, 94, St. Patrick

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