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Prayers requested for Bishop John M. D’Arcy

Blessings to all the faithful of our diocese!
Recently, our beloved Bishop-Emeritus, Bishop D’Arcy, shared with me that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Gratefully, test results show that that the cancer is contained within the prostate gland and has not spread. According to his doctors, the prognosis for successful treatment is good.

Bishop D’Arcy is giving a retreat this week to the priests of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. When he returns to Fort Wayne, he will begin a 40-day regimen of radiation treatment.

I ask for the prayers of all the faithful of our diocese for Bishop D’Arcy and for his full recovery. As Bishop D’Arcy writes in his letter below, he is offering any difficulties or inconveniences he experiences for our diocese, especially for the intention of priestly vocations. Thank you, Bishop D’Arcy!

May the Lord bless Bishop D’Arcy with His healing grace! May our Blessed Mother watch over him during the coming weeks as he undergoes treatment and may she pray for all in our diocese who are battling cancer or other diseases!

Bishop D’Arcy’s letter

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