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Bob the Builder: The Spiritual Journey of Building a Strong Foundation
— Bob Buescher

“I never spoke about religion to my clients, never. And now, I look for opportunities where they crack the door and I can just slide in. I say this all the time when people ask about the difference between quartz and granite. And I always say, Well, quartz was built by man and granite was built by God. And so there’s just a small opportunity for someone who has a faith, maybe non-denominational or whatever, will sometimes speak up about God in their life and that’s an opportunity to talk. But I do look for opportunities to evangelize and let people know that God is an important part of my life.” — Bob Buescher


The Purposes of a Catholic Higher Education

— Dr. Matt Smith and Dr. Lance Richey

“By its nature, a Catholic university is a site to pursue both faith and reason.” St. Pope John Paul II labeled 4 categories for the Catholic university or college to be as part of society: Service to the church and society, to offer pastoral ministry to its students, to engage in a cultural dialogue with the society around it and finally, evangelization.” — Dr. Matt Smith and Dr. Lance Richey with the University of Saint Francis

Millenials are Ruining Everything: How to Market to this Unique Group
— Jacob Laskowski

“Social Media has to be interactive with back and forth conversation. Millenials expect brand to participate in social media with them. There are two important things that we want to note about the buying power of millennials, they do not turn to traditional media for information on items that they may want to buy, they turn to friends and they turn to social media. The second thing is that companies who are serious about attracting this demographic will respond to millennials because they recognize that social media isn’t just about getting their message out there, it’s about interacting with their audience.” — Jacob Laskowski, CEO and owner of 86 Creative

How Beauty and Buy-In Will Make or Break Your Team
— Cory Heimann

“We have a problem, that is, that employers and business owners, those leading ministries, aren’t inviting their team into a real story, a mission, a quest. But how do we invite them into a quest? It was through my friend Tyler that I took on his story, his mission, which is, ‘to present Christ as irresistible to the yearning heart.’ So, I share this story with you, because I don’t let anyone walk into my office to work with me without hearing that story because I want them to enter into that quest. So today, I want to know: What quest are you inviting your team into?”  — Cory Heimann, CEO and owner of Likeable Art

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