August 29, 2019 // Uncategorized

New Year’s resolutions … in August?

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, only a small handful of us stick with them to accomplishment. Whether they involve time at the gym, time in prayer, or time to serve, most dwindle to nothing before June appears on the calendar. However, that does not mean they have to stay unaccomplished.

Any time is a great time to pick up these resolutions for a fresh start. You may want to amend the ones you set in January or pick new ones. The beginning of a new academic year is an especially good time because it requires us to ask ourselves who we want to be as a student this year – in relation to our classmates, our families and our God.

Renewing or revising these resolutions involves perseverance; for most people, resolutions do not come easily to our daily life. We must actively choose them and maintain themas commitments we have made. They also require boldness; they require us to step out of our comfort zones, in big and small ways – whether it means lifting weights at the gym or sharing the Word of God with a total stranger. Greatness does not come through staying within comfort, but through challenging growth. It comes through self-discipline, commitment, perseverance, and boldness.

So, persevere and be bold – do not be afraid to start again.

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