February 9, 2016 // Local

Marriage Supplement: Can a wine emerge that will last for ever?

“I often think of the wedding-feast of Cana. The first wine is very fine: this is falling in love. But it does not last until the end: a second wine has to come later, it has to ferment and grow, to mature. The definitive love that can truly become this ‘second wine’ is more wonderful still, it is better than the first wine. And this is what we must seek. Here it is important that the ‘I’ and the ‘you’ are not alone, but that the parish community is also involved, the Church, the circle of friends. All this — the right degree of personal maturity, communion of life with others, with families who support one another — is very important, and only in this way, through this involvement of the community, friends, the Church, the faith, God Himself, can a wine emerge that will last for ever.”  — Pope Benedict XVI, 2012 

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