June 27, 2022 // FEATURE

Local youth choir records album with ‘message of God’

A Spanish-language children’s choir from St. John the Evangelist in Goshen is pursuing a dream this summer. That dream for the children of Coro Los Angelitos (Angels Choir) is to preach God’s word to the world. The children’s choir traveled to a recording studio at Grace College in Winona Lake in early June to make the dream a reality.

Los Angelitos worked with The Studio, a local recording company from Warsaw, to record six songs so that they can take God’s message to the world beyond their home in Goshen.

Brian Sapp
Coro Los Angelitos records an album of songs to be released digitally. The group recorded six songs at Grace College in early June. In the back from left are Kamilah Camilo, Ebony Camilo, Michelle Perez, Ashley Perez, Arely Muñoz, Teresa Becerra Martinez, Lenny Camilo, Leonardo Muñoz and Ronaldo Muñoz. In the front are Daniela Muñoz and Vidal Camilo.

“I feel like we’re more than just a choir. We can be an example for other teenagers and reduce everything in society that’s harming us,” Ronaldo Muñoz, the choir’s 16-year-old leader said about their goals.

Coro Los Angelitos is made up of 11 children who attend St. John the Evangelist Church in Goshen. The youngest singer is 7 years old with the rest of the members’ ages ranging up to 16. The group formed in 2019 as a support for a Spanish-language prayer group at St. John the Evangelist – El Grupo de Oración.

The prayer group meets every Wednesday to pray and reflect on the Sunday scriptures. Los Angelitos began singing with the group. They perform at the beginning and the end of each meeting. Los Angelitos have also expanded their performances to singing at Sunday Masses.

“They give the message of God to other people and people come back to see them because they feel joyful listening to their music,” parent Lorena Reyes said of Los Angelitos’ ability to share their faith.

With this goal in mind, Muñoz reached out to The Studio to begin the recording process. “It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I come from a musical family and I’ve always wanted to be in a recording studio in front of a microphone. It’s a dream come true,” he said.

“They did great. The kids were getting into it,” Bobby McKee said about the recording session. He is a recording engineer with The Studio with years of experience in Nashville as a musician and producer.

McKee said the process is straightforward. Muñoz recorded and sent him a background music track. When the choir arrived at the studio, they warmed up and headed into the recording room. From the control room, McKee played the music and the choir sang along. After the choir finished singing, McKee played the recording for the children to listen and decide if they would keep it or record again. Now that the recording is done, McKee will take the recordings and adjust the vocal and music tracks. When he finishes, he’ll send the master files for Muñoz to share however he wishes.

Lorena Reyes said that the chance to record allows the children a chance to reach a bigger audience. “It’s very important because a lot of kids don’t believe in God and they can be an example for others.”

Choir member Evonny Camilo echoed her mother’s sentiments. “I was excited today because we can get our first disc done and let other kids listen to it … so they know God forgives them.”

The album came together with the help of donations from a foundation, which covered part of the recording costs. Muñoz said, “We’re really thankful that they were able to help us and make a dream come true.”

For his part of the process, McKee said he tries to give back to people starting out and is glad he was able to work with Los Angelitos. “They’re trying to make a difference. So if I can make a difference with them, maybe they can with somebody else. The good Lord blessed me with talent and I try to give back.” 

Muñoz said that when he receives the mastered files, Los Angelitos plans to publish them digitally so they can be available to anyone with access to a computer. He’s excited to share the songs. “If I’m able to help the children achieve their goal, I’m really happy for them.”

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