Eileen Bond
July 14, 2020 // Diocese

Internship program builds confidence and roster of broadcasters

Eileen Bond

Most radio broadcasters have years of experience and a college degree. But this fall, those who tune into Redeemer Radio 95.7 FM on a Friday night will experience fresh, new perspectives, as the local Catholic station offers a few young people the opportunity of a lifetime.

Redeemer Radio has added more sports personalities to its broadcasting team with an after-school internship program for high school students. Interns have the opportunity to broadcast live, alongside professional broadcasters, while learning the ins and outs of the industry.

The 95.7 FM Sports Internship is an experience-based course that focuses on professional development in radio, television and social media platforms. When the program was created two years ago, the station partnered with Saint Joseph High School in South Bend and Marian High School in Mishawaka to engage students in real-world experiences.

John Brach, right, is a game analyst for Redeemer Radio football broadcasts in the South Bend area. Brach was a standout on the Marian football team and took part in a Redeemer Radio internship program during basketball season his senior year of high school. He did so well he was offered an on-air position on the broadcast team starting last season. Brach is pictured with coach Bob Berger, left, and sports director Angelo Di Carlo, center.

Students enrolled in the program work alongside sports director Angelo Di Carlo and coach Bob Berger. They learn how to create and produce a professional broadcast, as well as the promotional aspects behind it. Interns meet every Monday from 4-6 p.m. and work Fridays from 6-10 p.m. broadcasting Saint Joseph and Marian football and basketball games.   

“We wanted to give the interns hands-on opportunities early-on,” said Di Carlo. “So, no matter what career path they pursue, we have prepared them for professional development.” 

As the program prepares for its third year, an extra incentive has been added for prospective interns: Students will now be able to claim class credit for their efforts. Both schools will offer the internship as a one-credit class, broken into one semester for football season and another semester for basketball season. Students can sign up for just one semester or for both.

John Brach was a Marian student who took part in the internship program during its first year. Afterward, Brach decided to pursue a broadcasting degree at the University of Notre Dame. Last season, he joined Di Carlo and Berger in the studio as a commentator for the high school game of the week.

“It’s an amazing experience to go from a former intern to broadcasting on a professional level,” said Brach. “Honestly, my favorite part of the experience was getting to be on-air live, even as a student. It’s a rush that you never forget.”

The students gain workforce skills like collaborating as a team, communication techniques and meeting deadlines. They also acquire media skills such as promotional strategies, production techniques, editing and how to run the audio board during broadcasts. In the upcoming year, Redeemer Radio is also hoping to incorporate livestreaming of games so that interns have the opportunity to learn about videography and the visual side of reporting.

“It’s great to be able to help high school students learn new skills that are applicable no matter what they end up doing,” Di Carlo said.

Internship applications are being accepted from Saint Joseph and Marian high school students for fall and winter slots. To apply or learn more visit www.redeemerradio.com/internship/.

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