February 28, 2023 // Bishop


St. Patrick’s Day and Friday Abstinence

This year, Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th) falls on a Friday of Lent when all Catholics who have completed their 14th year of age are obligated to abstain from meat. In response to several requests for a dispensation from the law of abstinence on March 17, 2023, I hereby decree the following for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend:

Catholics in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend may substitute for abstinence from meat one of the following acts on March 17, 2023, the Memorial of Saint Patrick:

1) Attendance at Holy Mass.

2) The recitation of the rosary for the intention of peace in the world.

3) One-half hour of prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

This commutation is meant to preserve the penitential spirit of a Lenten Friday while also allowing for the celebration of a great saint whose feast should be celebrated in a spiritual manner and not merely in a secular context.

+ Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades
Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

* * *

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