Theresa Thomas

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Theresa Thomas is the wife of David and mother of nine children.

Life isn’t a bed of roses Default Thumbnail

Life isn’t a bed of roses

Sometimes you are going to wake up extra early to feed and take out the dog, take her to the first morning grooming appointment of the day, follow the protocol […]

Driving with God Default Thumbnail

Driving with God

This morning, I was taking my high school freshman to school. Halfway there, coming toward us, was an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and sirens blaring. We were stopped at […]

Dealing with turbulence Default Thumbnail

Dealing with turbulence

David and I were fortunate enough to have all the kids home for Christmas. From all corners of the country they came, beginning the week before the holy day, one […]

Autumn hope — the rosary Default Thumbnail

Autumn hope — the rosary

There is a nip in the air, not just in the morning anymore, but lingering throughout the day. Sometimes it is even down-right cold. The leaves on the deciduous trees […]

When it is not easy Default Thumbnail

When it is not easy

I graduated from college back in 1985. Reagan was president, and the economy was doing great. I had several job offers, which would tide me over for a couple years. […]

Navigating the stresses of life Default Thumbnail

Navigating the stresses of life

A trick to staying positive and relaxed each day amidst life’s stressors is to build yourself a little mental “ponder box.” Imagine a cardboard box that you might buy at […]

Finding refreshment Default Thumbnail

Finding refreshment

Many Catholic women try very hard to be Proverbs 31 wives and mothers. It’s an excellent goal, but frankly sometimes it can be exhausting. Are we doing enough? Are our […]

Baseball and life Default Thumbnail

Baseball and life

The high school girls ran out the door a few minutes ago, reminding me of their plans to attend the boys baseball game tonight. As often happens my mind wandered, […]

A reflection on heaven Default Thumbnail

A reflection on heaven

Every person in the world who has ever been created not only has individual physical, emotional and psychological features, but also has a unique soul. Have you ever thought about […]

Finding beauty Default Thumbnail

Finding beauty

Recently, I stopped to chat with a young mother — who shall remain nameless — after Mass. We talked briefly about this and that, but not without a few self-deprecating […]

Compassionate responses when you meet suffering Default Thumbnail

Compassionate responses when you meet suffering

In 2005, while undergoing chemotherapy, I was sitting in an uncomfortable recliner on the sixth floor of a medical facility. An IV dripped poison into my veins that would simultaneously […]

Pinpricks of Light Default Thumbnail

Pinpricks of Light

I had a dream last night. It was just a brief moment, almost like a page in a storybook. In the dream, a husband and wife were lying in bed […]