Katie Prejean McGrady


Laughing over God’s good plans Default Thumbnail

Laughing over God’s good plans

Andy was my sister’s friend. I’d see him from time to time when I came home from college. Nice kid. One summer my parish needed an interim youth minister, so […]

Rooting out racism Default Thumbnail

Rooting out racism

My husband and daughter go for a walk nearly every day. I’ve never worried for their safety. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet. But in the past few weeks, I’ve also […]

The benefit of Catholic schools Default Thumbnail

The benefit of Catholic schools

“A lot,” my mom said. “A whole lot.” And she went back to washing the dishes. I shrugged and laughed, and pressed her for an actual answer. “Honestly, I don’t […]

The inconveniently necessary Lent Default Thumbnail

The inconveniently necessary Lent

I don’t like Lent. I don’t like the color. I’m much more a green-and-white than a purple-and-gray type of gal. I don’t like the music. Everything is in a minor […]

Exercising my right to choose Default Thumbnail

Exercising my right to choose

I was cleaning the kitchen, the TV on in the background, the faces of glitz and glam celebrities flashing across the screen, the sounds of applause filling the room as […]

A thrill of hope Default Thumbnail

A thrill of hope

The arena was perfectly silent. Twenty thousand young people knelt at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis as the Eucharist was exposed in a monstrance on the altar in the center […]

A home for generation woke Default Thumbnail

A home for generation woke

“Oh, you’re a millennial.” He said it like a curse word, his voice dripping with sarcasm and contempt. I nodded. “Born in 1989. Full blown, through and through.” I thought […]

It’s far harder to love Default Thumbnail

It’s far harder to love

The kid was tired, rubbing his eyes with tiny fists, lips quivering as tears began to well up because he couldn’t get comfortable. Who can, really? Airplanes aren’t designed for […]

Don’t miss the best thing Default Thumbnail

Don’t miss the best thing

My daughter has this T-shirt. I found it on the clearance rack at Target, marked down 75%. Without hesitation I tossed it in the cart. Ironically, that steal of a […]