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Learning all about Jesus Default Thumbnail

Learning all about Jesus

Over the summer, we took a family road trip to Pennsylvania, breaking in our new minivan by putting 4,000 miles on it in just under a month. As we drove […]

Let the consumer beware Default Thumbnail

Let the consumer beware

Within 24 hours of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, my almost 4-year-old daughter asked me if she could take a gymnastics class. Then she wanted to begin swimming […]

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends Default Thumbnail

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends

We were running food to a friend who just had her fifth baby — I’d made an extra pan of enchiladas the night before — and dropping it off with […]

Sharing abundantly Default Thumbnail

Sharing abundantly

Every morning, as we wait in the drop-off line at school, my daughter Rose and I share a pack of belVita breakfast cookies. It’s usually my breakfast, half of it […]

A good job — with Jesus Default Thumbnail

A good job — with Jesus

Right above my desk, hanging on the wall with a crumpled piece of Scotch tape, is a card someone gave me last March. “You are doing a freaking great job,” […]

In defense of hope Default Thumbnail

In defense of hope

Our bedtime routine with our 3-year-old daughter is quite simple. Bath. Nighttime snack of strawberries and grapes. Read books. Brush teeth. Potty. Say our prayers. Tuck her under the covers. […]

We need grace to succeed in our resolutions Default Thumbnail

We need grace to succeed in our resolutions

I learned the act of contrition in second grade. Mrs. Tartamella would patiently practice with us every day. We’d go through the prayer line by line, and when we’d get to […]

Jesus is coming Default Thumbnail

Jesus is coming

My younger sister and I used to fight over who would get to blow out the candles of the Advent wreath. We’d light the candles at dinner, and as soon […]

My saint friends Default Thumbnail

My saint friends

“Hey babe, grab the saints blanket, will you?” I called out to my husband. A few moments later, he returned with a black blanket, the New Orleans Saints signature gold […]

Fleeing with the Lord Default Thumbnail

Fleeing with the Lord

We fled. We woke up early, checked the weather reports, turned on the news and hastily packed the car, cramming in essentials: wedding photos, clothes, toddler toys, infant car seat […]

A necessary shake-up Default Thumbnail

A necessary shake-up

We were newlyweds, and as a late wedding gift, a priest friend invited us to attend our bishop’s annual fundraising gala. A black-tie affair, my husband needed a tuxedo and […]

Caught, not taught Default Thumbnail

Caught, not taught

“Mom, you too slow. I do it.” The almost 3-year-old began to say the Hail Mary, complete with a little head bow at the name Jesus and a profoundly loud […]