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‘Bluey’ Is Teaching Me to Be a Better Catholic Parent Default Thumbnail

‘Bluey’ Is Teaching Me to Be a Better Catholic Parent

During the COVID pandemic, my husband and I took turns watching “Cocomelon” with the then two-year-old. A brightly colored show with apparently animatronic humans singing not quite catchy (nor easily […]

Sitting in grief Default Thumbnail

Sitting in grief

We went to Hobby Lobby. It just opened up, you see. Brand new store. Because back in August 2020, the old one was blown away in Hurricane Laura. And so […]

A death we can be happy about Default Thumbnail

A death we can be happy about

My husband’s grandfather, Leo Zawatsky, passed away just before Easter. He was 99 years old, a World War II veteran, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Dziadek, (“Dodju” or “grandfather” in […]

Think you’re ‘failing’ at Lent?  Default Thumbnail

Think you’re ‘failing’ at Lent? 

Think again. I really wanted the Sonic drink. It had been a very long day – with grocery runs and sniffly kids and two hours of live radio and attempting to […]

Jesus and a Peloton bike Default Thumbnail

Jesus and a Peloton bike

“You are brave. Thank you for showing up!” I am brave, I thought. I did show up! “You are here for a reason. What’s that reason?!” I am here for […]

Resolutions for today Default Thumbnail

Resolutions for today

I think New Year’s resolutions are silly. Under the guise of “get healthy” and “better yourself” we establish arbitrary and often unrealistic goals to eat less, move around more, spend less […]

This Advent, focus on presence, not presents Default Thumbnail

This Advent, focus on presence, not presents

I ordered our matching Christmas pajamas in early October. Worried about supply chain issues and shipping delays, I picked the Nordic blue print we liked best and bought them 11 […]

The grace to endure Default Thumbnail

The grace to endure

“Mommy, I don’t feel good.” Heart sinks. Grab the thermometer. Say a quick prayer it isn’t COVID-19. Call the pediatrician and see if we can get an early morning appointment. […]

Learning all about Jesus Default Thumbnail

Learning all about Jesus

Over the summer, we took a family road trip to Pennsylvania, breaking in our new minivan by putting 4,000 miles on it in just under a month. As we drove […]

Let the consumer beware Default Thumbnail

Let the consumer beware

Within 24 hours of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, my almost 4-year-old daughter asked me if she could take a gymnastics class. Then she wanted to begin swimming […]

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends Default Thumbnail

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends

We were running food to a friend who just had her fifth baby — I’d made an extra pan of enchiladas the night before — and dropping it off with […]

Sharing abundantly Default Thumbnail

Sharing abundantly

Every morning, as we wait in the drop-off line at school, my daughter Rose and I share a pack of belVita breakfast cookies. It’s usually my breakfast, half of it […]