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Resolutions for today

I think New Year’s resolutions are silly. Under the guise of “get healthy” and “better yourself” we establish arbitrary and often unrealistic goals to eat less, move around more, spend less […]

This Advent, focus on presence, not presents Default Thumbnail

This Advent, focus on presence, not presents

I ordered our matching Christmas pajamas in early October. Worried about supply chain issues and shipping delays, I picked the Nordic blue print we liked best and bought them 11 […]

The grace to endure Default Thumbnail

The grace to endure

“Mommy, I don’t feel good.” Heart sinks. Grab the thermometer. Say a quick prayer it isn’t COVID-19. Call the pediatrician and see if we can get an early morning appointment. […]

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Learning all about Jesus

Over the summer, we took a family road trip to Pennsylvania, breaking in our new minivan by putting 4,000 miles on it in just under a month. As we drove […]

Let the consumer beware Default Thumbnail

Let the consumer beware

Within 24 hours of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, my almost 4-year-old daughter asked me if she could take a gymnastics class. Then she wanted to begin swimming […]

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends Default Thumbnail

Going places and doing things again as lockdown ends

We were running food to a friend who just had her fifth baby — I’d made an extra pan of enchiladas the night before — and dropping it off with […]

Sharing abundantly Default Thumbnail

Sharing abundantly

Every morning, as we wait in the drop-off line at school, my daughter Rose and I share a pack of belVita breakfast cookies. It’s usually my breakfast, half of it […]

A good job — with Jesus Default Thumbnail

A good job — with Jesus

Right above my desk, hanging on the wall with a crumpled piece of Scotch tape, is a card someone gave me last March. “You are doing a freaking great job,” […]

In defense of hope Default Thumbnail

In defense of hope

Our bedtime routine with our 3-year-old daughter is quite simple. Bath. Nighttime snack of strawberries and grapes. Read books. Brush teeth. Potty. Say our prayers. Tuck her under the covers. […]

We need grace to succeed in our resolutions Default Thumbnail

We need grace to succeed in our resolutions

I learned the act of contrition in second grade. Mrs. Tartamella would patiently practice with us every day. We’d go through the prayer line by line, and when we’d get to […]

Jesus is coming Default Thumbnail

Jesus is coming

My younger sister and I used to fight over who would get to blow out the candles of the Advent wreath. We’d light the candles at dinner, and as soon […]

My saint friends Default Thumbnail

My saint friends

“Hey babe, grab the saints blanket, will you?” I called out to my husband. A few moments later, he returned with a black blanket, the New Orleans Saints signature gold […]