Dr. David Kaminskas

Dr. David Kaminskas

The Catholic Doctor Is In

Dr. David Kaminskas is a board certified cardiologist and member of The Dr. Jerome Lejeune Catholic Medical Guild of Northeast Indiana, www.fortwaynecma.com.

Fearfully and wonderfully made Default Thumbnail

Fearfully and wonderfully made

One of the most common fears my patients have expressed over the years is getting Alzheimer’s disease. I watched my own mother steadily deteriorate for 10 years until she no […]

Miracle in D.C. Default Thumbnail

Miracle in D.C.

In August 2018 a beautiful young lady living in Washington, D.C., experienced a sudden and excruciating headache. Seconds later she fell unconscious to the floor. Her dog, Lacey, sensed something […]

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Physician, heal thyself

The Catholic Medical Association convened its 88th annual educational conference recently in Nashville, Tennessee. This was the second time I have attended the national conference, and my bride accompanied me […]

How not to have a heart attack Default Thumbnail

How not to have a heart attack

The No. 1 killer in America remains coronary heart disease. If your family history includes coronary events such as heart attacks, bypass surgery or coronary stent placement, your risk is […]

Still the silent killer Default Thumbnail

Still the silent killer

I recently was asked to be a guest on the “Doctor, Doctor” show that airs on Redeemer Radio at 1 p.m. Fridays and again at 11 a.m. Saturdays. The topic […]

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Random thoughts and caveats

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how it’s well known that preschool-age children who go to day care centers have more respiratory illnesses than those children […]

Back in the days of giants Default Thumbnail

Back in the days of giants

I would like to tell you about a very special physician who roamed the halls of St. Joseph, Lutheran and Parkview hospitals years ago. His name is Dr. Michael Mastrangelo. […]

Sometimes you have to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ Default Thumbnail

Sometimes you have to throw a ‘Hail Mary’

Let me share the story of a special lady I had the honor of taking care of. Quite a few years ago, I met this woman when she was in […]

A common medical event in church Default Thumbnail

A common medical event in church

This past year at one of the morning Sunday Masses that I attended, one of the altar servers was kneeling during the consecration and violently fell forward, smashing her face […]

Causes of sudden cardiac death in the young Default Thumbnail

Causes of sudden cardiac death in the young

In last month’s article, I discussed the amazing recovery of a young man who was resuscitated from a cardiac arrest. He had a congenital coronary artery anomaly as the cause. […]

Sudden cardiac death in the young Default Thumbnail

Sudden cardiac death in the young

I was once called, “stat,” to the emergency room to see a 17-year-old young man who collapsed while playing a pickup football game with friends at a local high school. […]

Oh, my aching head Default Thumbnail

Oh, my aching head

Migraines affect millions of people in this country every year. I am fortunate to not have recurring migraines, but I did experience a severe migraine once. About 10 years ago […]