August 14, 2019 // Diocese

Apologist roars into diocese to share God’s message

Upon stepping out of Holy Family Parish, South Bend, on Aug. 5, the distant roar of motorcycles was unmistakable. Jeff Cavins, apologist and founding host of the Eternal Word Television Network’s “Life on the Rock” show, and his companion rode into the parking lot on their motorcycles, excited for the blessings that the parish’s pastor, Father Glen Kohrman, and Father Sunday Akuh were about to bestow.

Holy Family held a blessing of motorcycles, and one bicycle, immediately following evening Mass. The two jubilant new riders and other members of the “God Squad” were in the midst of their annual cross-country ride and decided to stop by. They were riding and stopping at parishes all along their route, evangelizing and speaking on various topics.

A motorcyclist bows his head as a blessing begins at Holy Family Parish, South Bend, Aug. 5. — Photos by Colleen Schena

At Holy Family, the Lord placed discipleship heavy on the heart of Cavins. He spoke passionately to the crowd about the difference between the definition of “disciple,” versus the true meaning of it. He recognized the typical definition of what a disciple does and studies: In rapid succession, he showed his listeners that this is no more than being a “fan.” Being a disciple is much more, he said.

Cavins shared that those who seek to become disciples are drawn out of their comfort zones. In the days of Christ on earth, a rabbi would choose his students, telling them to follow him. This is called “lech achari” in Hebrew. They became entirely devoted to the teacher for the next several years. Only after this time would a disciple reach their goal of emulating the master. 

It is in constantly being with the Master that the disciple truly becomes like Him, Cavins said. Doing so requires the same strength and bravery that the Rabbi Himself, Christ, has. It requires being outside of comfort.

Father Sunday Akuh, left, and Jeff Cavins, are shown during the God Squad’s stop.

Cavins reminded his listeners that “we have a message of life for the world, and we need to share it.” The boldness required to share the Truth comes from spending time with the Master as well as being open to opportunity – something as simple as telling someone that God loves them. 

He encouraged spending time with the Lord, truly being with Him. “This is from where we gain our strength to evangelize.” Whether done in line at the grocery store or on a motorcycle ride across the United States, “above all, we have a responsibility to share Christ with others” in the way that is uniquely ours, he said; one that we discover by responding to the Lord’s lech achari to each one of us.

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