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St. Joseph: our father? Part 1

Fatherlessness has become an epidemic in our society: 43 percent of our kids grow up without fathers (U.S. Census), approaching a catastrophe rivaling the 1918 flu pandemic when an estimated […]

‘The Look’: men, sin and mission?

A kid can live and die by the look on his mom’s face! Her smile can light up his day, while her disappointment or anger can be a dark cloud. […]

The Good Samaritan: not just a good neighbor

By Dave McClow Providence is a powerful force — it’s God’s invisible hand guiding our lives. I experience providence in different ways. Most frequently it happens on the phone with […]

A different kind of fatherhood?

By Dave McClow The Ultimate Challenge, at least in this column, is about men and faith. But today I will use an example of a fictional female character to illustrate […]

Soccer and the Sacred Heart: The Rhythm of Spiritual Fatherhood

By Dave McClow June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Father’s day also falls within the month, and spiritual fatherhood ties these two together.  The human heart […]

Parents vs. iPhone: A problem of liturgy?

By Dave McClow A 13-year-old boy, Peter, was anxious, even compulsive, melting down whenever his parents asked something of him, especially to get off his iPhone or iPad and re-engage […]

Catholicism: An extreme sport?

By Dave McClow Every generation has had its version of extreme sports, defined as “any athletic endeavor considered more dangerous than others.” Today they feature a combination of speed, height, […]

What’s in His name?

By Dave McClow Have you ever had a moment in time when something just clicks, things fall into place in a deeper way, and your understanding takes a huge leap […]

‘The Abba Challenge’

By Dave McClow In the strikingly beautiful Utah canyon country, a man hikes alone in the Blue John Canyon. He descends into a slot canyon, where a boulder breaks loose […]

The prodigal’s brother

By Dave McClow The immensity and beauty of the Grand Canyon are an inexhaustible mystery for me. This natural wonder must be experienced from different vantage points to be fully […]

The death crawl and purgatory?

By Dave McClow Since November is the month of purgatory, I want to write about purgatory here in an unusual way, as a model for men — physical and spiritual […]

A heroic life and spiritual fatherhood

By Dave McClow Most men want to live a heroic life. It may or may not include grandiose plans, but we always need to make a difference in our world. […]