December 26, 2021 // Obituaries

Rest in Peace: December 26, 2021


Robert Maloney, 61, Immaculate Conception

Doris Wessel, 88, Immaculate Conception

George Wessel, 91, Immaculate Conception


Barbara J. Kopidlowski, 71, St. Mary of the Annunciation

Doris J. O’Brien, 98, St. Mary of the Annunciation

Fort Wayne

D. Fred Boyle, 85, St. Jude

Mary Fyfe, 64, St. Jude

Theresa Granahan, 89, St. Jude

Lewis Natkiel, 86, St. Jude

Edward Roethele, 82, St. Vincent de Paul

Richard Solaro, 86, St. Vincent de Paul


Hernán Cortes Colon, 79, St. John the Evangelist

Jerri Reed-Rider, 78, St. John the Evangelist 

Adelaide K. Trenshaw, 84, St. John the Evangelist

South Bend

Lillian Luckey, 102, Christ the King

Kent Perry, 85, Cathedral of Saint Matthew

John Silvey, 42, Christ the King

Dolores Tepe, 84, Cathedral of Saint Matthew

Erna Woltman, 91, St. John the Baptist


Barbara A. Kotas, 77, Sacred Heart

Deaths elsewhere

Sister Ann Stephen Stouffer, 82, St. Mary-of-the-Woods Chapel. Sister Ann is a Pierceton native. 

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